Seminar Series

online: Send an email to for registration to get the Zoom link
offline: FEB Faculteitsraadzaal UGent, Tweekerkenstraat 2, Ghent. *take the lift to 2nd floor, go left and walk towards the glass door, then enter and go right.

The speakers had to cancel the last seminars of the academic year. We might re-schedule one in June 2022, keep an eye open!

What: Homophily influences visibility of minorities in society and algorithms
Who: Prof Fariba Karimi, Complexity Science Hub Vienna, Austria
When: (cancelled - TBC another date) at 15h-16h CET
Where: Zoom but we will gather at FEB to watch together, see location above

What: TBA (econophysics)
Who: Prof Jacques Tempere, University of Antwerp, Belgium
When: (cancelled - TBC another date) at 16h-17h CET (NEW DATE!)
Where: offline + broadcast via Zoom

Past Seminars

What: Fostering network collaboration – a topic modelling approach
Who: Dr Matthew Smith, Edinburgh Napier University, UK
When: 28.04.2022 at 16h-17h CET

What: Finding a potential of human flow for revealing urban spatial structures
Who: Prof Takaaki Aoki, Kagawa University, Japan
When: 31.03.2022 at 10h-11h CET

What: Modeling information diffusion and posting behavior on Social media
Who: Prof Ryota Kobayashi, University of Tokyo, Japan
When: 03.03.2022 at 10h-11h CET

What: The Physics of Cities
Who: Prof Fabiano Ribeiro, Lavras Federal University, Brazil
When: 03.02.2022 at 16h-17h CET

What: The big science of small networks
Who: Prof Petter Holme, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
When: 16.12.2021 at 9h-10h CET

What: Delegation to autonomous agents promotes cooperation in collective risk dilemmas
Who: Dr Elias Fernandez Domingos, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium
When: 25.11.2021 at 16h-17h CET

What: The socio-economic influence on developing brain
Who: Dr Roma Siugzdaite, Cambridge University, UK
When: 15.10.2021 at 16:30h-17h CET

Past Events

15 October 2021: CSI kick-off meeting

12 November 2020: Workshop - BENet 2020: Belgian Network Research Meeting (online)

5 November 2020: PhD defence of Kevin Hoefman. Watch on youtube

4 April 2020: CSI kick-off meeting

20 January 2020: PhD defence of Andres M. Belaza Vallejo


19-23 September 2022: Summer School - Ghent Summer of DANS