Luis E C Rocha
Dept Economics, UGent
Dept Physics and Astronomy, UGent
network methods, social networks, population dynamics, social physics
Jan Ryckebusch Dept Physics and Astronomy, UGent statistical physics, correlated systems, stochastic processes
Koen Schoors
Dept Economics, UGent institutional economics, networks, financial stability

Research Fellows

Milan van den Heuvel
Dept Economics, UGent causality, machine learning, causal machine learning, complexity, socioeconomics
Rogier de Langhe
Dept Philosophy and Moral Sciences, UGent opinion dynamics, institutional evolution, scientific revolutions, technological change, innovation

PhD Candidates

Bart de Clerck
Dept Economics, UGent
Royal Military Academy
online misinformation/disinformation spreading, network methodsRocha and van Utterbeeck
Corneel Casert
Dept Physics and Astronomy, UGent machine learning and physics intersection, statistical physicsRyckebusch
Fatemeh Zarei
Dept Economics, UGent
Dept Physics and Astronomy, UGent
social networks, complex systemsRocha, Ryckebusch and Schoors
Joke Geeraert
Dept Criminology, Penal Law and Social Law, UGent social influence, crime, violenceVandeviver and Rocha
Martin Valdez
Dept Economics, UGent
Universite de Lille, France
political economy, distributional macroeconomics, mean field gamesFarvaque, Baudin, Schoors and Rocha
Ruixue Jing
Dept Economics, UGent crypto-currencies, data analytics, financial networksRocha
Shabu Esmael
Dept Economics, UGent trade volatility, economic growth in Africa, econometricsRocha, Schoors, and Wolteji
Tekilu Choramo
Dept Economics, UGent international trade, economic integration Ethiopia, network analyticsRocha, Gandica, and Abafita
Tim van Wasemael
Dept Bioengineering, UGent opinion dynamics, epidemics, networksBaetens and Rocha

Master Students

Mateo Bruggeman
Economics, UGent Systemic risk, Russian banks Rocha and Schoors
Niels Van Santen
Physics, UGent Opinion dynamics, social networks Rocha and Ryckebusch
Leon Adriaensen
Economics, UGent Social networks, classification Rocha and Ryckebusch


Siebe Roose
Epic Programme - Physics, UGent Quantum economics Ryckebusch and Rocha


Christophe Vandeviver
Dept Criminology, Penal Law and Social Law, UGent criminology, crime data
Kevin Hoefman
Dept Economics, UGent complexity, socioeconomics, virtual worlds
Roma Siugzdaite
Dept Data Science, UGent
MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
Cambridge University, UK
developmental neuroscience, systems and computational neuroscience

Alumni (from 2020)

Tom Vieijra
UGent Doctor of Physics (2022) PhD: Artificial neural networks and tensor networks in Variational Monte Carlo
Ciem Cornelissen
UGent Master of Physics (2022) Master: Criticality and forecasting of the cryptocurrencymarket
Zahra Farahi
Tehran University, IranPhD Engineering (Dec 2021-Dec 2022) PhD: Network epidemiology
Miguel A S Cortes
National Autonomous University of Mexico, MexicoBachelor in Physics (Sept 2021-Dec 2021) Undergrad: Predicting voting patterns
Jean Janssens
UGent Business Engineering, Data Analytics, UGent (2021) Other: Company co-ownership networks
Nina Botte
UGent Master of Physics (2021) Master: Opinion dynamics on social networks with stubborn actors
Nathan De Wilde
UGentMaster of Business Engineering, Data Analytics (2021) Master: The wisdom of crowds in online communities: the case of prices in European countries
Fien Goetmaeckers
UGentMaster of Physics (2021) Master: Opinion dynamics on temporal social networks
Stephan Van Landuyt
UGentMaster of Physics (2021) Master: Evolution and Dynamics of Cryptocurrencies
Andreas Bogaerts
UGentMaster of Business Engineering, Data Analytics (2020) Master: International migration of sex workers
Ewoud Ketele
UGentMaster of Physics (2020) Master: Coalition modeling: From spin glasses to human societies
Kevin Hoefman
UGent Doctor of Physics and Applied Economics (2020) PhD: Live agent-based models
Andres M Belaza Vallejo
UGent Doctor of Physics and Applied Economics (2020) PhD: Statistical physics of social-economic systems in real and virtual worlds