Social Physics and Econophysics

A very brief overview on Complex Systems: Social Physics and Econophysics by Luis Rocha. Watch on youtube.

Regular Courses

Our team members are involved in organising and teaching a number of courses at Ghent University.
Some examples of Master/PhD level courses:

- Complexity and Criticality - Faculty of Sciences
- International Banking and Financial Markets - Faculty of Economics and Business
- Networks in Socio-economic Systems - Faculty of Economics and Business - interdisciplinary course, also for students from other faculties

Students from different programmes and universities are welcomed to enroll. Contact the respective course leader (or lecturer-in-charge) for details on the content and required skills. For enrolment, check regulations with the secretariat of the master programme.

Master thesis projects

We announce master thesis projects internally but feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss some ideas related to our research expertise, e.g. complexity, social physics, econophysics, network science, data science, banking, finance, sampling hard-to-reach populations, agent-based models, etc.

Summer/Winter Schools

- Ghent Summer of DANS 2020 - Sep. 14-18, 2020 (postponed to 2022)
- Ghent Summer of DANS 2022 - Sep. 12-16, 2022