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Prof Koen Schoors at the Universiteit van Vlaanderen - Kan een democratie bestaan zonder kapitalisme?

Prof Koen Schoors talks about his book 'De Perfecte Storm' ('The perfect storm'), in which he explores the recent tempestuous events that shook our economic system to the core. Banks going bankrupt, the eurocrisis and the costs of an ageing society: these crises put together can lead to a 'Perfect Storm'. How did it come to all this? Who is to blame? Is our welfare state threatened ? Koen Schoors tries to answer these questions and contemplates about possible new economical structures for Belgium and Europe.

Peter Mertens, PVDA-voorzitter en auteur van het boek "Hoe durven ze?", was samen met Prof Koen Schoors te gast in Terzake (Canvas).