See (mandatory) instructions at the bottom of this page to prepare for the summer school.

Monday (19.09)Tuesday (20.09)Wednesday (21.09)Thursday (22.09)Friday (23.09)
09:20-11:10 Lecture
Intro Data Science
Intro Network Science
Intro Text Analysis
Financial Networks
Game Theory on Networks
11:10-11:30 Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break
11:30-12:20 Dr Alice Bezett Prof Jan Ryckebusch Dr Vsevolod Salnikov Dr Marco Valerio Geraci Prof Ana Mauleon
12:20-13:20 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:20-15:20 Team work
Lightning Talks
Team work
Team work
Team work
Team work
15:20-15:40 Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break
15:40-17:00 Lab
Data Science
Network Science
Text Analysis
Financial Networks
Game Theory on Networks



Introduction to Data Science
Prof Luca Maria Aiello. IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Introduction to Network Science
Prof Ingo Scholtes. Julius-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg, Germany

Introduction to Text Analysis
Prof Zhen Zhu. University of Kent, UK

Introduction to Financial Networks
Dr Cyrille Dossougoin. Business and Decision, Belgium

Introduction to Game Theory on Social Networks
Dr Elias Fernandez Domingos. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Team work - Data Science Project
Prof Luis E C Rocha. Ghent University, Belgium
Dr Roma Siugzdaite. Cambridge University, United Kingdom & Ghent University, Belgium
+ Guest of the day

Speakers - research-oriented seminars:

Dr Alice Bezett. Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, Netherlands
Dr Vsevolod Salnikov. EisphorIA artificial intelligence, Belgium
Prof Jan Ryckebusch, Dept of Physics. Ghent University, Belgium
Dr Marco Valerio Geraci. National Bank of Belgium, Belgium
Prof Ana Mauleon. Center for Research in Economics. Catholic University of Louvain - Saint-Louis, Belgium


The summer school will have a friendly, interactive, international, and interdisciplinary atmosphere. Get into the mood!
It is mandatory to participate in at least 80% of the activities of the summer school to be eligible for 3.0 ECTS.
There will be an attendance list.

1. Lightning talks
  • Everyone is invited to introduce themselves with a lightning talk.
    • Strict rules
    • Maximum 3min30sec per presentation. Slides will advance automatically every 30s, therefore, use exactly 7 slides.
    • We will set the time per slides ourselves, therefore, send only the slides without timing.
      • Introduce yourself, your background and other relevant information...
      • Introduce your research questions, topic, methods...
      • Show some of your key research results...
    • Submission deadline 09.09.2022 11am (CEST)
    • Non-submission in due time will count as non-participation in the activity (although of course you can attend it).
    • Submit the slides (powerpoint) to Mrs Fatemeh Zarei at

2. Computational tools
  • Bring your own laptop.
  • Python will generally be used in the lab tutorials. In the team project, you are free to use any computational tool you might know (C/C++, Java, R, Matlab, Cobol, ...).
    • If you are not familiar with Python, follow this online tutorial
    • Install Anaconda and use Jupyterlab for coding in Python (feel free to use anything else...)
    • In Anaconda, click on Environments and install modules/libraries, e.g. networkx, scipy, numpy, scikit-learn
    • Register online for free on Asana for project management

3. Meals
4. Accommodation
  • We recommend booking a hotel near the historical city center, around or south of Sint-Baafs Cathedral.
  • This area is at walking distance from the school venue.
  • Ghent is better explored by foot or bicycle.

5. Social Activities